My name is Cat. I’m in the midst of my early 30s, madly in love with Jesus, and perpetually single. This blog is not motivated by delusions of grandeur, wishes for fame, or a desire to reach the whole world. My only hope is to send my story out into the universe with prayers that my words might encourage just one person. I’ve just finished getting a graduate degree I could have (and maybe even should have) finished a long time ago and made a cross-country move that, while exciting, often leaves me feeling as though I am starting at square one. While I watch friends obtain their dream careers, get engaged and eventually married, have babies, and move into homes of their own, I can’t help but feel that I missed an important step along the way. All that being said, I’ve never been more in awe of God’s faithfulness and His love for me. My deepest desire is to serve Him, even if it means feeling left behind.